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What method can I use to pay?

Payment Card or PayPal - After making an order you choose to pay by card (or PayPal) and you will be redirected to the bank's payment gateway where you enter the necessary data. After receipt of your payment, we will ship the goods.

Cash - for a personal pick-up at one of our stores you can pay in cash.

How will the goods be delivered to me? (What to expect after opening a package)

We ship the goods carefully packed in the appropriate branded box, which contains instructions in Slovak language, confirmed guarantee card, and other relevant documents if applicable.

Can I send goods as a gift?

Yes, of course you can send the goods as a gift to a different address than your billing address, just click on "Send Order as Gift" in the shopping cart when ordering, and fill in the delivery address at the next point. Then we wrap the watches as a gift and remove the price tag.

Can I pick-up the goods at the store?

Yes, personal pick-up is possible at one of our 5 partner stores. We will inform you whenever the goods are prepared for you.

Why some products are labeled "Add to Cart" and some "I'm interested"?

You can only buy goods in our e-shop for an amount not exceeding 5,000 EUR. If you are interested in buying a more expensive product, please send us your email address or phone number using the "I am interested" button. We will contact you immediately and complete the sale in person.

What if the watch stops going?

Quartz watches - If it is a battery powered watch, in most cases it is just a discharged battery. In this case, it is necessary to bring the watch to one of our shops, where it will be taken over by our specialist staff and then forwarded to an authorized service center.

Automatic and mechanical watches - If an automatic watches stops going, it must be wound using the crown in the base position. If the model has a screw-in crown, it must first be unscrewed and then wound. If this does not work, bring your watches to one of our stores, where it will be taken over by our specialist staff and then forwarded to an authorized service center.

What if my battery runs out the next day after I bought it?

Bring your watches to one of our stone stores where it will be taken over by our specialist staff and then forwarded to an authorized service center. This is free of charge for 24 months after purchase.

What warranty does the watches cover?

The watches is covered by a standard two-year warranty.

How do I know if the watches you sell is not a counterfeit?

First of all, as being the official Point of Sales of many of the greatest watch brands in the world we definitely do not touch any counterfeit products. We supply the watches completely packed with a completed guarantee card, we only take the goods from authorized distributors, but above all: we have served a huge number of satisfied customers in our stone shops in 20 years

I am not able to choose the watches.

In this case, do not hesitate to contact us on +421 915 849 940 via telephone, or via email and we will be more, than happy to assist you..



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